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HoursCalc is a small timesheet hours calculator, featuring:


HoursCalc is used to tally each day's hours. Then add to a spreadsheet, wordprocessor document or editable PDF. These clunky forms are often required when working as a contractor or through a labour hire firm.


Use HoursCalc for free, no charge. No registration needed.

Platform Download
Microsoft Windows (98 and up, including Windows 10)
or Wine 0.9.25 and up1,
or ReactOS 0.3.4 and up2.
v1.02 (2.9M)
Mac OS X 10.5+ Universal (Intel32/64) v1.02 (3.5M)
Mac OS X 10.2+ Universal (PowerPC/Intel32) v1.01 (3.4M)
Linux kernel 2.2.16+, X11, Pentium 3+. 64-bit users may need ia32-libs. v1.02 (2.1M tarball)
or v1.02 (2.1M deb)
or v1.02 (2.1M rpm)

What's changed since the last version? See the change log.

Note1: HoursCalc also runs on a wide range of other operating systems (including FreeBSD, PC-BSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Linux and BeOS) using Wine, needing only the base install.

Note2: While HoursCalc (generally) works on ReactOS, ReactOS is itself in alpha-level development and not considered stable.

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