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HoursCalc is a small timesheet hours calculator, featuring:


HoursCalc is used to tally each day's hours. Then add to a spreadsheet, wordprocessor document or editable PDF. These clunky forms are often required when working as a contractor or through a labour hire firm.


Use HoursCalc for free, no charge. No registration needed.

Platform Download
Microsoft Windows (98-Seven),
or Wine 0.9.25 and up1,
or ReactOS 0.3.4 and up2.
v1.02 (2.9M)
Mac OS X 10.5+ Universal (Intel32/64) v1.02 (3.5M)
Mac OS X 10.2+ Universal (PowerPC/Intel32) v1.01 (3.4M)
Linux kernel 2.2.16+, X11, Pentium 3+. 64-bit users may need ia32-libs. v1.02 (2.1M tarball)
or v1.02 (2.1M deb)
or v1.02 (2.1M rpm)

What's changed since the last version? See the change log.

Note1: HoursCalc also runs on a wide range of other operating systems (including FreeBSD, PC-BSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Linux and BeOS) using Wine, needing only the base install.

Note2: While HoursCalc (generally) works on ReactOS, ReactOS is itself in alpha-level development and not considered stable.

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